Sustainability is one of KfW's primary business targets. As a bank committed to responsibility it is promoting environmental and climate protection worldwide. But KfW is also committed to social responsibility and is engaged in an intense dialogue with its stakeholders. Good corporate governance plays an important role and it goes without saying that sustainability principles are also applied in-house. If you are interested, you will find more information on this topic in our sustainability portal.


News and activities about sustainability at KfW Group.

Our Sustainability Objectives

For KfW Group, corporate action and social responsibility are inseparable.

Strategy & Management

Convincing strategies - KfW is implementing its sustainability guidelines and values in every day business.

A Responsible Employer

Motivated and qualified staff are our most important assets.

Sustainable Banking Operations

There is also an in-house focus on sustainability.

KfW Stiftung

Since 2013 KfW Stiftung bundles the corporate social responsibility activities of KfW – acting independently and sustainably.

Sustainability in KfW

Sustainability at KfW IPEX-Bank

KfW IPEX-Bank finances only projects that are environmentally and socially sustainable.

Sustainability at KfW Development Bank

Focus of funding and promotional activity

Sustainability at DEG

DEG’s work always aims at enabling sustainable development.The sustainability principle is also applied when dealing with employees, mandators and partners.

Sustainability at KfW Capital

Here you can get more information about sustainability, impact management and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) at KfW Capital.


KfW Group

Sustainability Strategy

Do you have any questions or comments on sustainability at KfW Group? Please contact the Sustainability Strategy of KfW

  • 2024-05-08 | GroupJürgen Kern becomes KfW's new Chief Sustainability Officer

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  • 2024-04-17 | GroupThe Joint Initiative on Circular Economy (JICE) steps up its commitment

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  • 2023-07-24 | GroupThe Joint Initiative on Circular Economy (JICE) reaches €8.9 billion and continues its efforts

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KfW Group's 2022 Sustainability Report

Data according to the GRI, the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the TCFD

Evaluation Report 2021-2022

“Evaluate. Measure. Learn.” is the title under which KfW today publishes the biennial Evaluation Report, which looks at the effectiveness of Financial Cooperation (FC) with developing countries and emerging economies.