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    Exclusion List and Supplementary Requirements

    The exclusion list of KfW Group is valid group-wide. On the one hand, it excludes financing for new projects or purposes in predetermined areas (exclusion list). On the other hand, in selected sectors, KfW Group ties its direct financial commitment for concrete new projects to qualitative conditions (supplementary requirements).

    Below you will find all previously published versions of the exclusion list in English, French and Spanish - in chronological order. For new financing activities within the domestic promotional business, new versions of the Exclusion List of KfW Group take effect three months after the respective publication date.


    Here you can find the first version of the exclusion list, which was published on July 1, 2019

    Current Version:

    Exclusion LIst of KfW Group, version 2, published 12/14/2023

    Previous Version:

    Exclusion List of KfW Group, version 1, published 07/01/2019


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