How transformation succeds in Indonesia

(Source: KfW / Christian Chua / Thomas Schuch)

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Facts and background on KfW's aid to Ukraine

KfW remains a close partner of Ukraine. It will continue to support the country in this difficult time, standing reliably by its side and assuming responsibility. This applies to strengthening Ukraine’s resilience in the current war situation as well as to its reconstruction and the rapprochement process with the EU.


Heat transition in Hamburg

In Germany's second largest city, the decisive course is currently being set for a sustainable heating transition. With climate-neutral waste heat and the green transformation of the energy supply, climate neutrality can be achieved by 2045.

(Source: KfW / Detlev Karres / Thomas Schuch)

How transformation succeds in Indonesia

(Source: KfW / Christian Chua / Thomas Schuch)

NordLink - the green electricity highway

(Source: KfW / Detlev Karres / Thomas Schuch)

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Protecting the climate and the environment is the dominant issue of our time. How can we counteract global warming and achieve the international climate goals? In our dossier, we shine a spotlight on people whose ideas are helping to stop climate change and the extinction of species.

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The security of energy supply and the increased use of climate-friendly energies are among the central tasks for Germany in the future. In our dossier "Resilience and Sovereignty" we present various projects and companies that are already making a contribution to this today.

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Innovations are the lubricant for progress in the economy and society. In our dossier, we introduce people and projects whose ideas will change our lives.

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    The history of KfW is closely interwoven with the economic development of the Federal Republic of Germany

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