Sustainability in the Financial Markets Department

Sustainability is a core value of our mission statement. KfW is "Bank aus Verantwortung". Accordingly, sustainability is integrated in KfW’s Financial Markets activities.

Sustainability in the Financial Markets Department

Sustainability is an important element of the diverse business activities in the Financial Markets department.

Green Bond Investments

From 2015 to 2023, KfW has been building up a dedicated green bond portfolio to provide financing for green projects and to promote the development of the Green Bond market. Starting in 2024, green bonds will be purchased exclusively for KfW's liquidity portfolio.

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Sustainable Finance

The Sustainable Finance Concept expands KfW's bank management. As Germany's promotional bank that operates worldwide, KfW supports the sustainability goals of the international community, the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Green Bond Framework 4.0

KfW is launching its new Green Bond Framework 4.0, which will apply to all 'Green Bonds - Made by KfW, issued from January 2024. The Green Bond Framework has been revised to focus on the strategic and substantive development of biodiversity and climate mitigation.

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