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KfW Development Bank in 2021

We promote development

KfW promotes development projects in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and South-Eastern Europe on behalf of the Federal Government. It supports developing and emerging market countries in improving living conditions and protecting the climate and the environment.

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New commitments at pre-COVID level

Challenging conditions in partner countries, pandemic-induced delays in projects and the transition away from short-term coronavirus aid to long-term measures led to commitments falling short of the 2020 record level. KfW provided EUR 8.6 billion (2020: EUR 11 billion) in financing to developing countries and emerging economies on behalf of the German Federal Government in 2021.

You can find information on the origin, use and impact of our funding in KfW's transparency portal and under Our topics and Our results.

Climate action – for a sustainable future

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. Developing countries suffer the most from weather extremes such as drought, flooding and heat waves, although they have contributed the least to climate change. On behalf of the German Federal Government, KfW helps its partner countries around the globe in transforming their social and economic systems in a climate-friendly manner. The projects financed in 2021 will reduce carbon emissions by 7.5 million t per year in future.

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Biodiversity – protecting life below water and on land

Mankind faces the issues key to the future of conserving nature and protecting biodiversity. Simultaneous solutions must be found to three interlinked crises: limiting climate change to a tolerable degree; preventing and containing pandemics, and conserving biodiversity. Germany has made a strong commitment to the preservation of biodiversity and is now one of the largest financial supporters worldwide, through KfW, of protecting habitats below water and on land. Commitments in this area amounted to around EUR 685 million in 2021, an increase of almost 27% compared to the previous year.

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Digitalisation – sustainable use of technology that promotes development

Even if this is not its sole role, digitalisation is an important driver of innovation, and received a global boost during the coronavirus pandemic. It offers virtually endless opportunities in developing countries in particular, not only because knowledge can be quickly accessed online, but also because cost and time needed can be reduced, distances overcome and technology levels bypassed. It is also beneficial when it comes to modernising the economy, society and day-to-day life. KfW Development Bank supports its partners in realising sustainable development potential by means of technology and innovation in a variety of sectors.

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