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KfW promotes sustainable prospects for people, companies, the environment and society. In doing so, we focus on topics which are of particular relevance for the future – in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Annual and Financial Reporting 2022
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Letter from the Executive Board

Dear readers,
2022 marks a historic turning point. Russia's attack on Ukraine has shaken the foundations of international politics and caused great suffering. It has resulted in people having to flee their homes and Europe having to completely rethink its energy supply.

Current key figures

In the first three quarters of 2023, KfW Group’s consolidated profit amounted to EUR 1.2 billion (for comparison: 09/2022: EUR 993 million), which is above the average for the past five years (around EUR 1.1 billion).

The promotional business volume amounted to EUR 80.8 billion and was thus – after the exceptional year of 2022 – slightly above the level of the years before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine (09/2021: EUR 73.1 billion, 09/2022: EUR 127.9 billion).

With a total capital ratio and a (common equity) tier 1 capital ratio of 28.5% (30 June 2023: 27.5%), the regulatory equity ratios and thus the risk-bearing capacity have been further strengthened.

With KfWplus+, KfW is becoming the digital transformation and promotional bank

Illustration von Läufern in Startposition auf einer Startlinie

In this decade of decision, it is our task as KfW Group to accelerate the sustainable transformation and to strengthen Germany as an industrial and technology location. As a digital transformation and promotional bank, our action is focused on the areas of climate & environment, and digitalisation & innovation. In line with the transformation agenda KfWplus, we have already initiated important steps on our way to a top-performing KfW. This decade now needs a spirit of optimism and going ahead, to promote transformation and strengthen resilience and sovereignty - in Germany and around the world.

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Legal notice:
The information contained in this online Annual Report 2022 is based on KfW’s Financial Report 2022, which you can download here. Should this online Annual Report 2022, despite the great care taken in preparation of its content, contain any contradictions or errors compared to the Financial Report, the KfW Financial Report 2022 takes priority.