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Press Releases

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Towards a green economy: the eco.business Fund for Africa Group,
KfW Development Bank
KfW IPEX-Bank participates in financing to expand Germany's fibre optic network KfW IPEX-Bank
KfW Credit Market Outlook: Business lending growth has slowed Group,
KfW Research


KfW up-to-date

Statement on 'Angola'

KfW and KfW IPEX-Bank comment on the financing the export of brewery and beverage facilities of a German manufacturer to Angola.

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Effective support in a negative interest rate environment

In order to be able to optimally fulfil its promotional mandate even in times of persistently negative interest rates, KfW is currently preparing to introduce negative bank interest rates - i.e. negative interest rates for the on-lending banks - for all its domestic promotional products.

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Statement on 'Financing cruise ships'

KfW and KfW IPEX-Bank comment on the financing of cruise ships in conjunction with their impact on the environment and on employment.

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Social media

Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing and Instagram - the social media channels of KfW at a glance..

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History of KfW

30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall

The former Federal Minister of Finance Theo Waigel, the former Federal President and State Secretary Horst Köhler, the historians Brendan Simms and Werner Plumpe as well as other contemporary witnesses recall the various aspects of a moving year.

(9 November 2019)

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History of KfW

The history of KfW is closely interwoven with the economic development of the Federal Republic of Germany

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Press Material

KfW Werbemittel

To assist journalists in their work, we have a wide range of material available that shows the many different faces and functions of KfW. From photographs and cv by Executive Board members to charts and presentations on our fields of work or figures.

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Special Topics

Special topics "KfW climate financing"

Statements, interviews, infographs and quotes on KfW's engagement in climate finance

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Special Topics "Europe"

Statements, documents and videos on KfW's European commitment

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Special topics "Equity finance"

Statements, documents and videos on KfW's engagement in equity finance

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Press Events

Kalender mit Pinnnadeln

Information about press events of KfW Group

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Digital Magazine

KfW Stories

The digital magazine of KfW tells stories from all over the world: about inventors, building owners and entrepreneurs, about people in the spotlight and people in the shadows, about ecology and about growth.

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KfW at a glance

This 108-second film presents the tasks and the promotional activities of KfW Group.

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