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Sustainable investment approach for KfW's liquidity portfolio

The sustainable investment approach for KfW's liquidity portfolio comprises three elements:

An outline of our sustainable investment approach can be found here.


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KfW's Green Bond Portfolio

KfW is active in the Green Bond segment not only as an issuer, but also as an investor. Since mid-2015, KfW invests in Green Bonds on a global scale.

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KfW's Liquidity Portfolio

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Special topics "PRI"

Statements, documents and presentations to the PRI participation of KfW .

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KfW signed the Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI) and committed itself to invest sustainable, and disclose information about its sustainable activities. By implementing PRI in our sustainable investment approach, we want to drive forward sustainable business practices actively and transparently, while encouraging other market participants to do the same.

Further information concerning the PRI