Technologies of the future

Technologies of the future

Financing Future Technologies

On the occasion of World Earth Day on 22 April, the “ZEIT für Klima” event took place in the KfW studio. Dr Günther Bräunig gave a keynote speech on "Financing Future Technologies", followed by an interview with Nico Rosberg and a discussion of true future technologies.

"ZEIT für Klima"

Dr Rainer Esser (Managing Director of ZEIT Publishing Group) and Dr Günther Bräunig (CEO of KfW Group) - video in German language only.

A current study commissioned by KfW Research identifies which technologies are the most promising for Germany in the medium term. The most important results are:

  • Germany has a differentiated technological profile.

  • Good starting positions particularly for automotive and manufacturing, as well as environmental and climate technologies.

  • It is imperative to expand competences with regard to information technologies.

Here you can find the study “Technologies of the future for Germany” by KfW Research.