inner-German border
30 years fall of the Wall

30 years fall of the Wall

The inner-German border

The heavily guarded inner-German border measured almost 1,400 kilometres starting at the Bay of Lübeck and stretching to the tri-border area in Bavaria. 40,000 GDR citizens were able to flee. Several hundred people – figures quoted by historians vary widely – lost their lives at the hands of GDR border guards. Since the sixties, the border on the East German side was extended ever further to prevent large numbers of people fleeing to the West. The border area comprised a five-kilometre-wide restricted zone and the 500-metre-wide guarded protective strip directly next to the border fence.

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This article was published in the autumn/winter 2019 issue of CHANCEN ”Times of change“.

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Published on KfW Stories: 29 October 2019