Christmas tree balls for the year's review

Annual review 2019

Taking a look back at the past year as it winds to a close, we at KfW Stories asked ourselves what we were able to make happen. Together with other European promotional banks, we founded the 10 billion euros initiative for a circular economy, in order to combat the refuse littering our planet and to conserve its finite resources. Our Smart Cities competition motivates German cities and communities to invest more in digital infrastructure. New reform partnerships with many different countries in Africa open up new perspectives for the population in their hometowns. It fills us with joy when we look back at all these successful projects. And then we asked ourselves what we found especially moving in 2019. A truly unforgettable day was 4 August, when at Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt about 5,000 people gathered to sing the European anthem “Ode to Joy” as part of the Young Euro Classic Festival. A musical festival to celebrate Europe and a prelude to the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall – the emotional high point of our year.