Supplier information

    Supplier information

    What is important to us

    KfW pays attention to environmental and social standards when selecting its suppliers. It attaches great importance to knowing how products are manufactured and how they are delivered. In addition to sustainability, factors such as cost effectiveness, adherence to compliance requirements and the promotion of innovations play an important role for KfW when purchasing goods and services. The Procurement department is guided by KfW Group’s overall objectives, which are committed to improving economic, social and environmental living conditions around the world.

    KfW as an official contracting authority

    As a state-owned bank with a statutory promotional mandate, KfW must make the contracts it awards to companies available to competition. KfW formally tenders throughout Europe above a certain threshold.

    Invoicing for KfW

    Incoming supplier invoices are processed at KfW by central invoice verification. You can find further information here.

    Information for external service providers

    KfW provides information relevant to contractors in the download area below. This is primarily rules, guidelines and protective regulations that must be taken note of and complied with when providing services.


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