Information for external service providers

Basic information on cooperation

KfW provides information relevant to contractors in the download area below. This is primarily rules, guidelines and protective regulations that must be taken note of and complied with when providing services.

Relevant regulatory documents for external personnel

Please make the documents stored here available to employees who will be working at KfW’s premises and also instruct them to observe the subject matter or instructions.

With regard to occupational health and safety, the KfW regulations set out in framework documents A or B apply.

The following overview will help you select the framework document that is relevant to you and the instruction you need to document for KfW as the client.

Example list of fields of activity

Framework Document A
“Workplace Safety in Contractor Management for Blue-Collar Workers and Service Staff”
Framework Document B
“Workplace Safety in Contractor Management for Consultants and Office Staff”
Cleaning of areas, offices, facades and underground car parksServices in the office environment (consulting, audits by e.g. Bundesbank, Bafin)
Relocation workTrainers/instructors for company sports, for seminars
New creation, maintenance and servicing of technical systemsShort-term, regular exchange activities in-house (e.g. hygiene containers, dirt trap mats, flowers)
Renovation, new constructionActivities within the framework of events (e.g. waiters, photographers)
Toner replacement, PC installations in the office environment, data centre, etc.
Security services (reception, building patrol, etc.)
Services in the kitchen and food service department)
Green area maintenance, winter service
Testing activities in the technical environment
Event set-up and dismantling

The following rules apply to feedback to KfW as the contracting authority regarding the briefing of its employees:

  • In the case of activities that fall within the scope of framework document A, a clear declaration by name is required in accordance with section 9 of Framework Document A (contractor reports specific persons).
    Notwithstanding this, a self-declaration is accepted for activities for which construction site regulations are in place and have been communicated, as well as for the setting up and dismantling of events.
  • In the case of activities that fall within the area of Framework Document B, a self-declaration is generally required (contractor reports the general understanding and future compliance with the process, no specific names).


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