photo collage: historic photo of people on the Berlin wall (left) and a portrait of Nicolas Roehrs, CEO Cloud&Heat (right)
75 years of KfW

75 years of KfW

The 1990s

Back then

The 1990s
Fall of the Wall Berlin

Aufbau Ost (reconstruction of the eastern Germany) – The largest promotional programme in Germany's history is a joint effort involving both KfW and Deutsche Ausgleichsbank (DtA), initially as separate institutions. By the mid-1990s, year by year some seventy percent of domestic economic support is being channelled into the new federal states.

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Up until that point, “Aufbau Ost” (reconstruction of eastern Germany) is the largest promotional programme in Germany’s history. In the 1990s, some 70 per cent of domestic promotion is being channeled into the new federal states, for example, for setting up businesses, rehabilitating municipal infrastructure, but also reducing air pollution and wastewater pollution. KfW’s contribution to the housing sector is the most significant, as more than 65 per cent of all apartments in eastern Germany are renovated with KfW funds. These great successes are also possible because KfW can draw on the expertise it gained from the European Recovery Program.

Today, many innovative companies are emerging in the new federal states, which use their ideas to develop solutions to the challenges of our time.


Eastern Germany

Laboratory of the future

Five young companies in Dresden and Leipzig are developing innovative solutions – to reduce energy consumption, in biotechnology and housing.