October 2011 - UN PRI Awards KfW Top Results

As a signatory to the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), KfW has committed itself to reporting annually about its progress in complying with the six principles. It submits these reports in response to the so-called PRI Survey, which is conducted annually by the PRI Secretariat. In this survey the signatories lay down their individual strategies and measures for implementing each of the principles. The evaluation of the activities of the individual signatories is conducted on this basis and published in an annual "PRI Report". The 2011 PRI Report thus evaluates the activities of the signatories of the previous year.

The results achieved by KfW are compared with the results of other signatories in the category of "Asset Owners", and the quartile in which KfW is situated is calculated on this basis. For all principles, KfW occupies the 1st quartile of the 2011 PRI Report. This places KfW among the 25% of PRI signatories that best implement the principles.