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Sustainability Report 2022Dialogue. Discourse. Data.

Animated graphic for the Sustainability Report on the year’s topic of water Animated graphic for the Sustainability Report on the year’s topic of water. An underwater scenario shows a submarine, two divers gathering rubbish and various marine creatures. Above the water, a rubbish-collecting boat, off-shore wind turbines and various people can be seen. In the background are Frankfurt and KfW.

KfW Group’s Sustainability Report 2022 addresses one of the most important resources and the largest habitat on earth: water. The report is split into three sections: we enter into dialogue on the role of water in Germany and the world, open up the discourse on internal sustainability management and provide data on sustainability in accordance with the GRI, the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the TCFD for the 2022 reporting year.

Water as a resource and habitat

Water: a vulnerable habitat and precious resource

With this year’s focus on water, we are turning our attention to a resource that is often taken for granted from Germany’s perspective. In Germany, water is generally available, safe and clean. But if we take a closer look, the effort required to maintain this is enormous. Anthropogenic climate change and pollution also threaten the availability of water and can lead to serious damage.

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Components of the Sustainability Report

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The magazine dedicated to the topic of the year. Stories and voices from KfW, industry experts and the business sector.

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Update on our sustainability management. Presentation of our sustainable bank management and current projects.

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The detailed Sustainability Report as a PDF. Performance, figures, progress and facts in a single place.


Water is life

Reflections of light under the water’s surface

Whether it be drinking water, rivers, lakes, wetlands or oceans, water is a resource, a habitat, an energy source – and is essential for our survival. Therefore, everything must be done to protect it. We show the many facets of water and what KfW is doing to protect it.

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Embedding sustainability

Illustration of the bank of the Main in Frankfurt. Two people are engaged in dialogue, one person is fishing plastic rubbish from the water, another is standing at a drinking-water fountain. In the background are KfW and the Frankfurt skyline.

KfW Group supports the transformation of the economy and society towards more sustainable economic systems in Germany, Europe and around the world. We ensure this claim through strategic measures and in operational business in several ways.

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Transparent reporting

Illustration for the Data Report 2022. On a desktop are notes, a clipboard and a tablet showing a water pipe and three SDG symbols. One document also shows the model of the KfW sustainability project tranSForm.

In the 2022 data, KfW Group documents all the achievements and impacts it has made towards sustainable development. The PDF report uses reporting standards in accordance with the GRI, the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the TCFD.

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