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German Private Equity Barometer / German Venture Capital Barometer

Business climate indexes for the German venture capital market

The data for the business climate indexes of the German Private Equity Barometer and the German Venture Capital Barometer are taken from a quarterly survey of the approx. 200 members of the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften – BVK) and further German private equity companies. On the one side, the market climate in the later-stage segment is reported and on the other the market climate in the venture capital segment of the German equity capital market. The climate data are based on estimates from investment companies, with the focus being on established SMEs for the German Private Equity Barometer and on investment in start-ups and new technology companies for the German Venture Capital Barometer. All climate indicators show the average of the situation assessment (share "good" minus share "bad") and the balance of the expectations for the coming six months, which are determined in an analogous manner and adjusted for the relevant historical average.

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GVCB, 3rd Quarter 2020 VC market sentiment continues to inch out of the coronavirus slump  (PDF, 98 KB, non-accessible)
GPEB, 3rd Quarter 2020 Private equity market sentiment stabilised in late summer  (PDF, 97 KB, non-accessible)
GVCB, 2nd Quarter 2020 VC business confidence returns after the coronavirus shock  (PDF, 147 KB, non-accessible)
GPEB, 2nd Quarter 2020 Confidence returns to private equity market, reversing half of coronavirus slump  (PDF, 147 KB, non-accessible)
GVCB, 1st Quarter 2020 Coronavirus shock: VC sentiment crashes  (PDF, 131 KB, non-accessible)
GPEB, 1st Quarter 2020 Coronavirus crisis pushes private equity sentiment to near rock bottom  (PDF, 129 KB, non-accessible)
GVCB, 4th Quarter 2019 VC business climate continues to slide but remains in the green  (PDF, 145 KB, non-accessible)
GPEB, 4th Quarter 2019 Sentiment in the private equity market ends the year on average level  (PDF, 146 KB, non-accessible)
GVCB, 3rd Quarter 2019 VC business sentiment drops although situation has improved again  (PDF, 136 KB, non-accessible)
GPEB, 3rd Quarter 2019 Private equity market sentiment continues to fall  (PDF, 132 KB, non-accessible)
GVCB, 2nd Quarter 2019 Business climate in the VC industry recovers in weak market environment  (PDF, 200 KB, non-accessible)
GPEB, 2nd Quarter 2019 Sentiment in the German private equity market continues to decline  (PDF, 200 KB, non-accessible)
From Q2 2019 GPEB and GVCB
1st Quarter 2019 Year started off on a subdued note  (PDF, 207 KB, non-accessible)
4th Quarter 2018 Divided sentiment at the end of the year  (PDF, 204 KB, non-accessible)
3rd Quarter 2018 German private equity market: Business climate index remains very strong  (PDF, 210 KB, non-accessible)
2nd Quarter 2018 Sentiment in private equity market reaches new heights  (PDF, 85 KB, non-accessible)
1st Quarter 2018 German private equity market starts the year on a positive note  (PDF, 85 KB, non-accessible)
4th Quarter 2017 Sentiment on private equity market still very good  (PDF, 105 KB, non-accessible)
3rd Quarter 2017 Business confidence continues to break records  (PDF, 105 KB, non-accessible)
2nd Quarter 2017 Business climate continues to improve  (PDF, 65 KB, non-accessible)
1st Quarter 2017 Successful start for equity investors  (PDF, 76 KB, non-accessible)
4th Quarter 2016 Sentiment remained bullish in the final quarter  (PDF, 105 KB, non-accessible)
3rd Quarter 2016 Sentiment on the German Private Equity Market revived  (PDF, 102 KB, non-accessible)
2nd Quarter 2016 Business sentiment is stabilising again  (PDF, 86 KB, non-accessible)
1st Quarter 2016 Market sentiment drops sharply  (PDF, 102 KB, non-accessible)
4th Quarter 2015 Business climate remains very positive  (PDF, 153 KB, non-accessible)
3rd Quarter 2015 Business climate on VC market soars to new heights  (PDF, 33 KB, non-accessible)
2nd Quarter 2015 Upward trend stabilised in the early summer months  (PDF, 33 KB, non-accessible)
1st Quarter 2015 Tentative start to the year  (PDF, 37 KB, non-accessible)
4th Quarter 2014 Business climate increases as the year draws to a close  (PDF, 169 KB, non-accessible)
3rd Quarter 2014 Business climate still strong despite slowdown  (PDF, 128 KB, non-accessible)
2nd Quarter 2014 New-found optimism after restrained start into year  (PDF, 145 KB, non-accessible)
1th Quarter 2014 Subdued start to the new year  (PDF, 46 KB, non-accessible)
4th Quarter 2013 Year-end rally  (PDF, 117 KB, non-accessible)
3rd Quarter 2013 English  (PDF, 199 KB, non-accessible)
2nd Quarter 2013 English  (PDF, 200 KB, non-accessible)
1st Quarter 2013 Relatively optimistic economic forecasts  (PDF, 263 KB, non-accessible)