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Promoting peace through infrastructure?

News from 2020-09-07 / KfW Research, KfW Development Bank

Development in Brief

Peace building is becoming increasingly relevant as an approach to international development cooperation, especially since recent years have seen increased commitment in fragile contexts. The need for the provision of basic services is generally high. However, a lasting improvement in living conditions can hardly be achieved without transformation and conflict resolution. Especially in the context of reconstruction measures, the restoration of socio-political relationships is just as important as physical reconstruction. The question therefore arises as to whether and how infrastructure measures can contribute to peace.

This edition of "Development in Brief" examines the risks, but also the potential for peace-building associated with infrastructure projects. It becomes clear that the way in which projects are implemented is much more decisive than the type of infrastructure.

Promoting peace through infrastructure?  (PDF, 69 KB, non-accessible)


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