Emerging Market Spotlight

    Emerging Markets Spotlight

    Tunisia – the rise of the knowledge economy
    India – huge potential but informal sector is still too large
    Colombia: Harnessing technology and innovation for economic development
    South Africa: Opportunities for growth in a difficult economic environment
    Czech Republic – focus on research and development is a sound strategy
    Mexico – hoping for economic policy consistency
    Serbia – on an ambitious path to EU membership
    South Africa – major challenges in the education sector
    Morocco – a better future through better education
    Mexico – implementing economic reforms in a difficult external environment
    Brazil – in search of the next growth engine (December 2016)
    Vietnam – vocational training: key building block of development strategy (October 2016)
    Peru – a promising economy (July 2016)
    Iran – the rocky road to sweeping economic renewal (March 2016)
    Romania – an attractive location with infrastructure deficits (February 2016)
    Strengthening Nigeria as a business location – a Herculean task for the new government (December 2015)
    Bangladesh – Glass half empty? We say half full! (September 2015)
    Chile – too much of a market economy? (July 2015)
    South Africa – still room for more FDI (May 2015)
    Turkey – A bridge between East and West opening up opportunities (February 2015)
    Indonesia – scaling back subsidies remains a tricky hot topic (December 2014)
    Mexico – An economy with potential (September 2014)
    India – major reforms needed in the energy sector (August 2014)
    Brazil – needs to close the gap on world class infrastructure (June 2014)


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