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Netiquette of KfW Group


Here you will find all the relevant guidelines and standards that KfW applies to discussions on its social media channels.

Welcome to KfW’s social media channels. We look forward to a lively and constructive exchange of ideas. Would you like to share with us your opinions, feedback, further information, criticism or praise? Our community would be happy to hear from you.

Everyone has the right to freely express an opinion within the limits of what is permitted by law. We strive to create a pleasant atmosphere for discussion so that interesting conversations can develop – even when differences or emotional topics arise. The comments columns are intended to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and is free to express their opinion. To ensure this, the comments on the social media channels are moderated by us within the scope of the commensurate. We therefore ask you to comply with the following rules.

Privacy notice

As a promotional bank under the authority of the Federal Republic of Germany, KfW is committed to improving economic, social and environmental living conditions across the globe.

Public relations work for KfW also takes place on Instagram, X YouTube, Threads and LinkedIn.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. In this context, we would like to point out the existing data protection risks you face by using the above-mentioned social media platforms.

We therefore expressly draw your attention to the fact that the services used by KfW process the personal data of their users on their own responsibility for the business (commercial) purposes explained in their data protection and usage agreements. We expressly draw your attention to the fact that KfW has no knowledge of the purposes for which your personal data are used by the platform operators beyond the data processing described in the data protection notices of the service providers, nor does it have any influence on the collection of data and its further use by social networks. For example, there is no knowledge in particular about the extent to which personal data is stored, where it is stored and for what duration, to what extent the networks comply with the deletion obligations, which evaluations and links are carried out with the data and whom the data is passed on to. It can be assumed that your personal data will be processed in third countries and passed on to third parties.

KfW’s use of social media platforms does not include any endorsement of these media, the company guidelines or the data protection policy of these service providers. KfW recommends that all users find out more about the processing of their data by the platforms listed above and protect their privacy as best they can: this includes reading the data protection guidelines of the social media platforms. Please also check the options for protecting your privacy on the social networks on a regular basis. KfW has no influence on this.

Our legitimate interest results from the goal of optimising our social media channel. The options for exercising your rights to prevent these web tracking methods from be carried out can be found in the platform operators’ privacy notices listed above.

With the subsequent usage concepts for the respective services, KfW, as a public-sector body, assumes its responsibility and role model function for the use of social media.

Use concept for social media

KfW informs the general public about the tasks assigned to it by law and about the fulfilment of these tasks. Public relations work is one of these tasks, which it also carries out via social media channels. With this usage concept, KfW, as a public authority, assumes its responsibilities and role model function for the use of social media.

Please also note our privacy policy and assessment of the consequences of social media use.

KfW’s presence on social media is necessary because more and more young people are using this media as their primary or sole source of information (source: Media Perspectives/January 2021). The majority of our followers are between 25 and 34 years old. Without social media, KfW would find it difficult or impossible to reach some of its target groups.

Because KfW is covering the whole range of economic policies, its target groups are very different to one another. This requires messages to be distributed differently to the different target groups. To reach everybody, a differentiated range of channels is required. The social media sites mentioned are part of KfW’s public relations work, are intended solely for public information purposes and do not include any specific administrative services.



Sebastian Macán

Social Media

Frankfurt am Main

Palmengartenstr. 5-9

60325 Frankfurt am Main