The KfW Executive Board during the annual kick-off press conference on 31 January 2023 at KfW's Frankfurt office.

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    Start of the year press conference

    On 31 January 2023 the KfW Executive Board will present the promotional results of 2022 and give an outlook to the current year.

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    Business activities 2022


    Business activities 2022

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    Photos and curricula vitae

    Here you will find photos and curricula vitae of KfW's Executive Board members.

    Promotional mandate and history

    For KfW, responsible banking is not a hollow notion, but a promise to society that constantly motivates its staff in its every-day work.

    Approach and corporate governance

    We are a special bank. How we work, how we define governance and what role sustainability plays in our business.

    Equity Financing

    The new subsidiary of KfW Group pools the equity financing available to innovative enterprises and expands it.

    KfW Stiftung

    Since 2013 KfW Stiftung bundles the corporate social responsibility activities of KfW – acting independently and sustainably.

    KfW Stories - the digital magazine

    The year 2022 will go down in KfW's annals as a very special year in many respects.

    Supply with LNG

    On behalf of the German government, KfW is currently supporting energy security projects in order to feed LNG into the German gas grid and natural gas storage facilities as quickly as possible. KfW is even contributing 50 percent to the construction of the LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel.


    Working towards economic, ecological and social sustainability is a firm element of KfW's mission.

    Excellent sustainability ratings

    KfW is given excellent ratings by renowned sustainability rating agencies and ranks among top positions in an international sector comparison of all development banks.

    Mandated transactions

    KfW is conducting mandated transactions to support energy supply companies. The following website provides information about the committed volume, the purpose and the duration of these mandated transactions.

    KfW locations worldwide


    International financing

    KfW IPEX-Bank

    KfW IPEX-Bank is in charge of international project and export finance, offering tailor-made financing solutions.


    KfW's subsidiary DEG finances and advises companies investing in developing and transition countries.

    KfW Development Bank

    The business sector KfW Development Bank finances development cooperation projects and programmes around the world on behalf of the German Federal Government.

    Press Contact

    Here you will find the contact details for press representatives