Press Release from 2021-10-28 / Group, KfW Development Bank

A rescue package for the Serengeti:

KfW supports Tanzania in biodiversity conservation – with a new focus on sustainable tourism

  • EUR 20 million to build the capacity of protected area administrations to take action
  • Cover ongoing costs for the maintenance of park infrastructure and ranger equipment
  • Maintain a stable wildlife population and vegetation
  • More opportunities for the local population to earn income in nature conservation and tourism

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), KfW signed a EUR 20 million financing agreement today with the Tanzanian Ministry of Finance to provide a rescue package for conserving biodiversity in Tanzania. The measures include the Serengeti and Nyerere National Parks as well as the Selous Game Reserve.

The funds are used to pay the costs for maintaining the park infrastructure. In addition, financing is provided to cover the ongoing costs for ranger patrols, GPS and night vision equipment, a helicopter for rhinoceros monitoring and the procurement of veterinary equipment to maintain the wildlife populations in the parks and to curb poaching.

As part of the new focus on sustainable and resource-efficient tourism, a waste disposal concept for the Serengeti, electricity supply systems from renewable energy sources as well as measures to conserve water are being financed.

“Tourism revenue in Tanzania has plummeted by 90% since March 2020. The country with the fourth greatest abundance of wildlife in the world therefore urgently needs support in maintaining biodiversity conservation measures in protected areas. At the same time, the recovery from the crisis presents an opportunity to develop tourism in the Serengeti based on a “green recovery” model that is more resource-efficient and yet generates sufficient income for the local population,” said Christiane Laibach, Member of KfW Group’s Executive Board.

Furthermore, infrastructure projects such as the construction of roads and school housing are being supported for the local population, integration into local value chains is being improved and jobs are being created in nature conservation and tourism.

The project is implemented in a close cooperation between the Tanzania National Parks Authority TANAPA, the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority TAWA and the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

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