Press Release from 2020-01-24 / Group, Domestic Promotion

Climate resolutions of government implemented: promotion of energy-efficient construction & refurbishment even more attractive

Joint press release with the BMWi

  • Investment and repayment grants increase significantly
  • Maximum loan amount for energy-efficient residential housing increases from EUR 100,000 to 120,000

Saving money with energy-efficient new and rehabilitated buildings and at the same time contributing to climate change mitigation will pay off even more in the future: the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and KfW will improve support for energy-efficient construction and rehabilitation in the CO2 Building Rehabilitation Programme from 24 January 2020 onwards. Under this programme, the climate resolutions of the German federal government from September 2019 will be implemented. At the same time, access to the funding programmes will become even easier and more transparent with the “Förderwegweiser Energieeffizienz”, an online tool to help find funding for energy efficiency.

Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier: “This sends a powerful message for more climate change mitigation in the building sector – and is good news for all homeowners. I am pleased that we were able to get this important decision of the climate cabinet off the ground so quickly together with KfW!”

Member of KfW's Executive Board Dr Ingrid Hengster: “40% of energy consumed in Germany is in the building sector. With its promotional funding, KfW is setting standards for energy efficiency in buildings in Germany and supporting the German federal government in its energy and climate policy. The most recent product improvements make energy efficiency even more attractive for homeowners and businesses.”

Private individuals, companies and municipalities will benefit from the changes in the promotional programmes. For example, the repayment grants in the loan programmes will increase by ten percentage points in line with the requirements of the German federal government's Climate Action Programme 2030. The repayment grants will also be increased by another 2.5 percentage points for the rehabilitation of residential buildings. The annual effective lending rates are therefore negative in most cases. The grant for the rehabilitation of residential buildings will increase by 10 percentage points. In addition, the maximum funding amount for energy-efficient houses in the loan and grant for residential buildings will be increased from EUR 100,000 to EUR 120,000.

Detailed overview of changes:

  • Rehabilitation of residential buildings: increase of the repayment grants in the loan by 12.5 percentage points (programmes nos. 151, 152) and of the investment grants by 10 percentage points (programme no. 430)
  • Construction of new residential buildings: increase of the repayment grants by 10 percentage points (programme no. 153)
  • Rehabilitation of non-residential buildings: increase of 10 percentage points in repayment grants (programmes nos. 277, 278, 218, 219)
  • Increase in the maximum funding amount for energy-efficient houses (residential buildings) in new construction and rehabilitation from EUR 100,000 to EUR 120,000 (151, 153, 430)

Funding for oil-fired heating systems was already discontinued on 1 January 2020. Homeowners who are interested in a new heating system have been able to contact the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) for advice since 1 January 2020. They can also apply there for the replacement premium for oil-fired heating systems, which is part of the Climate Action Programme 2030.

The “Zuschuss Baubegleitung (Construction Support Grant) (431)” and “Zuschuss Brennstoffzelle (Fuel Cell Grant) (433)” programmes have not been changed.

Finding the right funding for energy efficiency is now even easier: with the new “Förderwegweiser Energieeffizienz” online tool.

To help people find suitable funding opportunities for their project even more quickly, the new “Förderwegweiser Energieeffizienz” will be available from 24 January 2020 at as well as and

The “Förderwegweiser Energieeffizienz” online tool helps you to find funding and advisory services in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy with just a few clicks. Private individuals, entrepreneurs as well as municipalities will find what they are looking for here.


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Alia Begisheva

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