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KfW Energy Transition Barometer 2023

Energy transition caught between need for action and financial possibilities

Reducing energy consumption and using zero-emission technologies are key to achieving both climate neutrality and energy supply security. Households also need to play a role in this. The findings of the representative KfW Energy Transition Barometer 2023 are therefore encouraging as they demonstrate that households continue to back the energy transition project. Just under one third (32%) of all households are currently using technologies such as photovoltaic systems or heat pumps, 3 percentage points or 1.2 million households more than in the previous year. A further 7% plan to acquire such technologies this year. This increase is evident across almost all groups of society. The majority of households that do not use energy transition technologies (60%) can now imagine using them. In order to further advance the energy transition, it is now necessary to eliminate financial and logistical barriers to modernisation in a targeted manner.

KfW Energy Transition Barometer 2023

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