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Social cohesion

Social cohesion

From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the German Unity

Look back with us on the epochal events that took place in 1989/90 in our video. From the first gap in the Iron Curtain on the border between Hungaria and Austria, to the special importance that Mikhail Gorbatchev played for the end of Germany's and Europe's division, up to the momentous night of 9 November.

Former Federal Minister of Finance, Theo Waigel, former Federal President and State Secretary Horst Köhler, the historians Brendan Simms and Werner Plumpe, as well as other contemporary witnesses look back on the different aspects of a very special year.

The film also remembers KfW's extensive work for the reconstruction of East Germany, as well as regarding the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the former GDR and the completion of 44,000 flats for the soldiers in their homeland.

30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall - KfW and Germany's reunification

(KfW Bankengruppe/Detlev Karres/Thomas Schuch/Stephan Sperl).

KfW and the reunification
Brandenburger Tor now and then

We show graphics, retrospects, facts and figures on the reconstruction of Eastern Germany.

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Published on KfW Stories: 25 October 2019