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The EcoCasa programme from Mexico succeeds in combining social and energy-efficient housing and making a contribution to climate protection. It received the KfW Construction Award for this achievement. Learn more in our video.

Row houses in Mexico

In contrast to Germany, when selecting the international award winner the focus was not on the original ideas of private developers, but on the contribution made to climate protection. This is why the special "KfW Construction Award 2017 - International" went to the "EcoCasa" project, which not only creates energy-efficient and social housing in Mexico, but also aids climate protection.

Excellent contribution to climate protection

Climate protection is a topic of global importance, and it is developing countries and emerging economies that are most affected. This is why KfW promotes projects not only in Germany but also worldwide that make a great contribution to climate protection. The "EcoCasa" project was selected by a team of experts at KfW Development Bank.

In Mexico in particular, the challenges of housing construction are huge: every year, another two million people need a home. The booming capital of Mexico City alone is now six times the size of Berlin.

Social housing

Economic growth and social climbing are driving energy consumption upwards. This is why the government set up a programme for energy-efficient social housing – the "Eco Casa", which resembles the Efficiency House standard that is well-known in Germany. These buildings consume at least 20 percent less energy than conventional residential housing. Altogether, 33,000 units are to be constructed, 600 of which according to the passive-house standard.

22,000 houses have already been built. The EcoCasa programme has so far been funded with KfW loans on behalf of the German Federal Government to the tune of roughly EUR 130 million. The state-run development bank for housing construction in Mexico, Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (SHF), passes the appealing conditions on to project developers who build energy-efficient houses and apartments for low and middle-income groups at prices comparable with a standard house. This means the average price of a house is EUR 15,000. Chief Executive Officer of the Mexican promotional bank, Jesús Alberto Cano Vélez, accepted the award on behalf of SHF.

KfW supports

KfW Development Bank promotes numerous projects worldwide for greater energy efficiency and environmental protection.

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The major challenges in Mexico include the general climate conditions, which differ strongly from region to region and require different environmental technologies. However, it is generally not the expensive heating that is the most important part of housing construction, but the cooling under the hot sun. Facade materials and colours, insulation, windows, cooling technology and solar modules were adapted to the hot climate. The project was recognised by the UN as a "shining example", and received the renowned Ashden Award for innovative climate financing.

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Published on KfW Stories: Wednesday, 31 May 2017

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