We are integrating our sustainability standards into our business processes.

    There is also an in-house focus on sustainability

    Regardless of whether it is in the financial markets department, corporate environmental protection, procurement or central services, the KfW Group consistently steers its business processes in line with its sustainability guidelines and values.

    Sustainability in the Financial Markets Department

    Sustainability is an important element of the diverse business activities in the Financial Markets department.

    In-house Environmental Protection

    We keep the environmental impact of our operating processes to a minimum. In doing so, we actively contribute to helping protect the environment and live up to our role as pioneers in the financial sector.

    Sustainable Procurement

    The Procurement Department is responsible for acquiring goods and services for KfW Group.

    Central Services

    Our sustainable services for all matters of facility management, gastronomy and mobility at KfW.


    KfW Group

    Sustainability Strategy

    Do you have any questions or comments on sustainability at KfW Group? Please contact the Sustainability Strategy of KfW