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Sustainability management system at KfW

The sustainability management system at the KfW Group governs the organisation and procedures for ensuring sustainable products and business processes.

The core elements of this system are the sustainability guidelines of the KfW Group and its business sectors and subsidiaries, which lay down responsibilities, processes and benchmarks for operations.

The responsibility for KfW's sustainability strategy and its communication lies with the Chief Executive Officer of the KfW Group, Dr Günther Bräunig. He is responsible for sustainability issues at the KfW Group. His responsibilities include operational issues connected with the sustainability management system and in-house environmental protection.

Group Officer Sustainability and Sustainability Officers

Other key figures in sustainability management at KfW include the Group Officer Sustainability and the Sustainability Officers from the given units. The Group Officer Sustainability reports to the Chief Executive Officer and advises him for all relevant sustainability matters. The Sustainability Officers drive the further development of processes and new financing products, and oversee both inward and outward communication in their units.

The Group Officer Sustainability works with the Sustainability Officers to further develop the in-house sustainability management system at KfW. He is supported by the In-House Environmental Protection Officer. The Board member for environmental issues is directly responsible for in-house environmental protection.

Group-level Environmental and Climate Steering Committee

The coordination and further development of group-wide operational activities in the field of the environment and climate protection is handled by the Group Environmental and Climate Steering Committee (KUK).

The KUK plays a key role in providing and developing the range of sustainable financing products for environmental and climate protection. It comprises KfW's Sustainability Officers and their operational representatives from all business areas at the bank, as well as representatives from corporate strategy, refinancing and communication.

The KUK coordinates and improves the sustainability guidelines of the various business sectors. It describes the processes and standards that enable KfW to ensure that none of the co-financed projects have unacceptable effects or risks for the environment and social issues.


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Sustainability Strategy

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