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Sustainable strategic focus

KfW is committed to implementing its sustainability mission statement throughout the Group – every single day. Sustainability has been firmly integrated into the strategic management of KfW Group.


Sustainability management at KfW establishes clear responsibilities in all areas of the company.

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Sustainabilty principles

The new sustainability principles - frame of reference and orientation beyond KfW Group.

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Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance concept broadens the bank steering of KfW as a transformative promotional bank

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Integrity / Compliance

Lawful conduct, diligence, honesty, professionalism and compliance with market standards are all commitments on which KfW leads the way.

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Corporate Governance

The adherence to the rules of good corporate governance and supervision is one of the guiding principles of KfW.

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Environmental & Social Impact Assessments

Extensive environmental and social impact assessments determine whether international projects are supported by KfW.

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Sustainability Reports

The Sustainability Report documents the services and effects that KfW Group has achieved in terms of sustainable development.

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KfW Group

Sustainability Strategy



Do you have any questions or comments on sustainability at KfW Group? Please contact the Sustainability Strategy of KfW