Press Release from 2021-11-22 / Group, Domestic Promotion

Grant programmes to promote new charging stations for electric vehicles in businesses and municipalities launching on 23/11/2021

  • EUR 900 investment grant for each charging point installed
  • Applications can be submitted via KfW Grant Portal for businesses

On 23 November, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and KfW are launching grant programmes for the construction of new charging stations for electric cars in areas of businesses and municipalities not accessible to the general public. The programmes will promote the procurement and construction of charging stations for electric vehicles next to parking spaces not accessible to the general public and deployed to charge electric vehicles used on a commercial or municipal basis (fleet vehicles and car-sharing vehicles) and to charge electric vehicles belonging to the company or municipal employees. The programmes are open to private businesses, municipal companies, sole traders, self-employed professionals, professional associations and groups, non-profit organisations and churches, as well as municipal authorities, legally dependent municipal undertakings, municipal unions and special purpose associations. The aim of the promotion is to create suitable charging infrastructure in businesses and municipalities in order to motivate businesses, municipalities and their employees to switch to electrically powered vehicles. The grant amounts to 70% of the total costs eligible for promotion (procurement, connection and assembly) but is capped at EUR 900.00 per charging station.

In order to receive the funds, the electricity used for the charging process must come from 100% renewable sources. This can be obtained via an appropriate electricity supply contract and/or be generated from independent, on-site sources (e.g. from a photovoltaic system). Businesses must submit their grant applications via the KfW Grant Portal before the start of the project. Municipalities can submit their grant applications directly to KfW prior to starting the project. The deadline for providing proof that the work has been completed is 12 months following approval of the application. For more information about the promotional programmes, including a list of charging stations eligible to receive support, please visit (businesses) or (municipalities) (in German only).


Portrait Wolfram Schweickhardt