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Press Release from 2017-03-21 / Group, Domestic Promotion

Joint press release: German Federal Building Ministry, German Federal Ministry of the Interior and KfW expand promotional grant

  • New funding conditions apply from 21 March onwards
  • Minimum investment amount drops to EUR 500
  • Grants available from EUR 50 to a maximum of EUR 1,500
  • Online application using the KfW grant portal

The German Federal Building Ministry, German Federal Ministry of the Interior and KfW are expanding promotional funding for home owners and tenants who want to secure their own four walls against burglary. From 21 March onwards, support will also be available for smaller-scale security measures. KfW will be issuing financial contributions for investments in the amount of EUR 500 and up, in contrast to the old minimum investment amount of EUR 2,000. The amount of the grant is 10 % of the invested funds and will consequently be at least EUR 50. As before, a KfW grant of up to EUR 1,500 is available for correspondingly complex burglary protection measures.

The German Building Minister Barbara Hendricks explains "Everyone should feel safe in their homes. Even small measures can help in this regard. The high demand shows that there is a need. This is why we have once again taken promotional grant funding for burglary protection one step further. From now on, we will be supporting private home owners and tenants, in particular, even when implementing smaller burglary prevention measures."

Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr Thomas de Maizière said, "For those affected, burglary in your own home is a massive intrusion that often leads to constant uncertainty and fear. In addition to the material losses, the violation of privacy and personal space often has just as negative an impact. Private initiative also helps prevent domestic burglary. We help people take that initiative. By significantly lowering the minimum investment amount from EUR 2,000 to EUR 500, we are sending a clear preventative signal. In future, tenants in particular will also benefit from KfW promotional funding for burglary protection."

Dr Ingrid Hengster, Member of the Executive Board of KfW Group, said: "We see that there is considerable interest among home owners and tenants for KfW grant funding for burglary protection and are happy that we are now able to expand the promotional funding. From now on, we will also be promoting smaller burglary protection measures, such as replacing door locks. In this way, we are able to meet building owners' needs for more security within their own four walls."

Over the last year, KfW has issued more than 40,000 promotional grants for burglary protection. These funds were used in approximately 50,000 housing units for an array of burglary protection measures. As of 1 April 2016, applicants have not only been able to access grants but can now also apply for promotional loans with favourable interest rates for investments in burglary protection. The majority of grants have been used to fit burglar-resistant doors for homes and flats and retrofitted window systems. As of November 2016, private building owners and tenants have been able to submit their grant application to KfW online and receive their promotional funding approval in just a few moments.

Information about promotional funding opportunities can be found on the website: www.kfw.de/455 or at www.kfw.de/einbruchschutz.


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