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Water reuse: suitable to combat water stress?

News from 2019-08-07 / KfW Research, KfW Development Bank

Development in Brief

More than two billion people around the world live in regions with high water stress, where considerable amounts of the available and renewable water resources such as groundwater and surface water are overused. By 2050, global demand for water will increase by 55% as a result of high agricultural and industrial demand, population growth and climate change. In addition to improved demand management and further possibilities for the exploitation of water resources, the reuse of treated water represents an opportunity to increase the availability of freshwater resources and thus also to improve water security.

This issue of Development in Brief highlights the reuse of treated wastewater and addresses the potential and challenges for development cooperation projects in particular.

Water reuse: suitable to combat water stress?  (PDF, 162 KB, accessible)


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