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Papers and Proceedings on Economics

Papers and Proceedings on Economics provides background information on important economic topics.

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KfW Research Position Paper November 2022: A boost in investment for the transformation – what exactly is needed?(PDF, 220 KB, accessible)
Between Economic Growth and Climate Change(PDF, 1 MB, non-accessible)
KfW Research Position Paper August 2021: Emerging stronger from the coronavirus crisis – five areas of action for a sustainable transformation(PDF, 241 KB, non-accessible)
The African private sector in the COVID-19 crisis: impacts, responses and perspectives(PDF, 215 KB, non-accessible)
KfW Venture Capital Study 2020 – VC market Germany: Ready for the next development stage(PDF, 773 KB, non-accessible)
KfW Research Position Paper August 2020 – Where to from here? The crucial next steps in the coronavirus crisis(PDF, 214 KB, non-accessible)
KfW Research Position Paper May 2020 – The crisis as a catalyst for more sustainable economic management(PDF, 124 KB, non-accessible)
Evaluation of the KfW Programme ERP Digitalisation and Innovation Loan (Executive Summary)(PDF, 2 MB, non-accessible)
European SME Survey 2019 – Going Digital(PDF, 7 MB, non-accessible)
International migration in a long-term perspective(PDF, 1 MB, non-accessible)
KfW Start-up Report 2018 – Number of start-up founders increased to 108,000 in 2017 (PDF, 582 KB, non-accessible)
Internationalisation of European SMEs – Taking Stock and Moving Ahead(PDF, 2 MB, non-accessible)
Building Momentum in Venture Capital across Europe – France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom(PDF, 951 KB, non-accessible)
Regulation of Promotional Banks and potential impacts(PDF, 1 MB, non-accessible)
SME Investment and Innovation – France, Germany, Italy and Spain(PDF, 3 MB, non-accessible)
Critique of accommodating central bank policies and the 'expropriation of the saver' – A review
Export and import activities of young German enterprises (Executive Summary)(PDF, 145 KB, accessible)
KfW Sustainability Indicator 2013(PDF, 112 KB, accessible)
New or old? Comparing entrepreneurs founding a new venture to those taking over an existing business(PDF, 166 KB, non-accessible)
Young and innovative, seeking … loan Financing young companies which invest in R&D(PDF, 124 KB, non-accessible)
Barriers and obstacles in starting a business: Entrepreneurs and prevented entrepreneurs(PDF, 149 KB, non-accessible)
Minimum expected return of private equity companies: Claims become more modest(PDF, 162 KB, accessible)
KfW Sustainability Indicator 2012(PDF, 61 KB, non-accessible)
Internationalisation in Germany's SME sector - Step by step to global presence(PDF, 64 KB, non-accessible)