Legal notice

Videos and photos

We would like to inform you that photographers and/or camera teams may be present at this event for documentation purposes. If you do not consent to the storage or use of photographic images or video recordings where the focus is upon you as an individual participant (or, as the case may be, together with other people), please make the on-site photographers and/or camera teams aware of this.

KfW Group, i.e. all current and future business areas of KfW and any subsidiaries (currently KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH, DEG and KfW Capital), reserves the right to publish and use the film footage or photos for an unlimited period of time for promotional purposes and to present itself. Your consent extends in particular to the use on KfW’s German or foreign language websites (including the associated social media platforms, such as X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube), posting on KfW intranet, use – including as covers – in printed materials such as annual reports and brochures and in presentations, provision for download by third parties in the KfW image archive and, in the case of video recordings, to the use of screengrabs and the separate use of video and audio tracks. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee you will not appear (e.g. as one of many participants) on general recordings of the event that do not focus on individual participants.

If KfW makes recordings available to you, please understand that you are not permitted to make them accessible to third parties (in particular media companies, social media networks or websites).The same rule applies to any film footage or photos of the event which you record or take yourself.


It is understood that consent has been obtained from your compliance department or superior officials before accepting the invitation.

Please note that tax according to §37b EStG will be paid by KfW for this event.