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Press Release from 2023-09-25 / Group

Improvements in KfW promotion “Home ownership for families” (WEF) starting 16 October 2023

  • Significant increase in income limit and maximum credit amounts
  • Support for newly constructed residential buildings classified as “Climate-friendly residential buildings” and “Climate-friendly residential buildings – Quality Seal Sustainable Buildings (QNG)”

As part of the German Federal Government’s package of measures to support housing construction in Germany, KfW is improving the promotional terms of its loan promotion “Home ownership for families” on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Construction (BMWSB). As part of these terms, families with one child that receive a taxable annual income of EUR 90,000 will now be entitled to use the loan programme. This income limit has risen from a previous amount of EUR 60,000 and increases by EUR 10,000 with each additional child. In addition, the maximum loan amounts will be increased by up to EUR 35,000, depending on the number of children.

As before, support is provided for newbuilds and initial acquisitions (within 12 months of official building inspection in accordance with Section 640 of the German Civil Code) of newly constructed climate-friendly and energy-efficient owner-occupied residential property classified as “Climate-friendly residential buildings” and “Climate-friendly residential buildings – Quality Seal Sustainable Buildings (QNG)”. A maximum of one housing unit can be supported per application. Private individuals or households who wish to acquire at least 50% (co-)ownership of owner-occupied residential property and where at least one natural or adopted child is registered who is under 18 years of age at the time of the application are eligible.

The promotion covers up to 100% of the eligible investments, i.e. the total expenditure for building, technical planning and construction support services, including life cycle analysis and sustainability certification services. If applicants intend to carry out the work themselves, the expenses for the materials are also eligible for funding. The new conditions will apply from 16 October 2023.


Portrait Wolfram Schweickhardt