Press Release from 2023-07-14 / Group, Sustainability

Nature-based climate action in companies to provide better climate protection and more green spaces

  • New promotional offering for nature-based climate action measures in companies has been launched

In Germany, the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUV) and KfW will in future support companies in the creation of natural green spaces and small bodies of water on company premises, unsealing and renaturing areas, planting trees, planting greenery on buildings and implementing local precipitation management. The BMUV is providing up to EUR 50 million annually from the action plan on nature-based solutions for climate action for the promotion included in the KfW Environmental Protection Programme. Commercial companies can submit applications from 15 July.

Steffi Lemke, Federal Minister for the Environment:

"Intact ecosystems are natural climate protectors and the basis of our lives and economies, so the fact that more and more companies are rising to the challenge of integrating the protection of biodiversity into their in-house environmental management is a good sign. We want to provide them with targeted support. Through the KfW Environmental Protection Programme, we will in future be able to support a wide range of corporate measures for nature-based climate protection to create company premises that are in touch with nature and attractive to both nature and people, while also protecting the climate and mitigating climate-related risks such as heavy rain, heat and drought. This is also an investment in the future for the companies themselves."

KfW Executive Board member Katharina Herrmann:

"With the new promotional offering, we are encouraging companies to exploit untapped potential in their direct operational environment, such as buildings and company premises. This not only makes an important contribution to climate change mitigation, environmental protection and biodiversity, but also to climate change adaptation and thus a better quality of life."

The new promotional offering in the KfW Environmental Protection Programme helps commercial enterprises to implement nature-based climate protection measures and enhance green infrastructure on their premises. Funding is made available for measures that:

  • create and restore near-natural ecosystems
  • plant and improve the site conditions for trees
  • unseal and renature outside areas
  • plant greenery on roof and facades, and
  • decentralise precipitation management and foster grey water utilisation.

The funding is provided via KfW promotional loans, for which a repayment bonus of between 40 and 60 percent will be granted upon proof of successful implementation of the respective measure, reducing the loan amount to be repaid. Commercial companies with a majority of private participation are eligible to apply.

Nature-based climate protection in companies pays off. Near-natural green spaces and open areas, small bodies of water and healthy trees on company premises make an important contribution to nature-based climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation. They contribute to a pleasant and attractive working environment, even on hot summer days. Roofs and facades that are planted with greenery and close to nature also have a positive effect on the local microclimate and energy consumption, as well as offering a habitat for insects and birds in particular. On company premises, the infiltration and use of rainwater and greywater support local water resources and nature, as well as mitigating flood damage. Finally, a near-nature management of green spaces is essential for the conservation and long-term impact of the measures, which, in addition to preserving and creating a high degree of diversity in flora and fauna, also involves more extensive and therefore more energy-saving and often more cost-effective maintenance. Training measures on caring for semi-natural green spaces are therefore also promoted.

Information on the “Measures for nature-based climate action in companies” promotional offering in the KfW Environmental Protection Programme and the application documents can be found on KfW’s website:

Further information

The German Federal Government’s action plan on nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation supports measures that combine climate action with the creation and strengthening of diverse ecosystems. Forests and floodplains, soils and bogs, seas and bodies of water, as well as semi-natural green spaces in populated areas capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and retain it in the long-term. They also act as a buffer against the effects of the climate crisis by absorbing heavy rain and flooding and providing cooling in hot weather. At the same time, they maintain our livelihoods, offer important habitats for animals and plants, store water and are places of retreat for people. The action plan on nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation contains 69 measures in a total of ten fields of action. Four billion euros will be available for implementation until 2026.

Information on nature-based climate action is available from the Federal Ministry for the Environment and can be found here:



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