Press Release from 2015-01-05 / Group

KfW 'Energy-Efficient Refurbishment' programme becomes even more attractive

  • 5% increase in repayment bonuses for all KfW Efficiency House standards
  • Binding right to grants for construction supervision

KfW improves its "Energy-Efficient Refurbishment" programme:

The repayment bonuses for all KfW Efficiency House standards have become even more attractive following an increase of 5%. Starting immediately, borrowers can obtain a repayment bonus from KfW of up to 22.5% depending on the Efficiency House standard. This is in addition to a reduced interest rate. At the same time, there is now a binding right to a grant for construction supervision if a funding approval is given in the investment programmes. Here, the building owner receives 50% of the costs (up to EUR 4,000) for the specialist planning and construction supervision from an independent expert ( The "Energy-Efficient Refurbishment" promotional programme offers favourable interest rates for long-term credit financing of measures aimed at saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions in existing residential buildings.

"Adopting the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan on 3 December 2014, the German Federal Government has introduced an extensive package of measures, including those intended to improve energy efficiency in the building sector. The key element is to continue and expand the promotion of energy-saving building refurbishment as well as an improvement in the information and consultation needed to achieve this," says Rainer Baake, State Secretary of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs.

"A great deal of energy can still be saved in Germany's building sector. We're making energy-saving building refurbishment even more attractive with the improvements in the “Energy-Efficient Refurbishment” programme," explains Dr Ingrid Hengster, member of the Executive Board of the KfW Group. "KfW is helping the German Federal Government make the country's buildings climate-neutral by 2050."

The improvements in detail:

  • Increase in repayment bonuses by 5% for all KfW Efficiency House standards. For example, the repayment bonus for the standard KfW Efficiency House Monument will now rise to 7.5% of the approved amount, while the bonus for the standard KfW Efficiency House 55 will climb from 17.5% to 22.5%.
  • Binding right to a grant for construction supervision in the case of approved funding for an investment (50% of costs, no more than EUR 4,000 per construction project).

Information on funding options can be found on the website or obtained from the KfW Infocenter (only in german language) on the toll-free number 0800 / 539 9002.


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