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The potential for household photovoltaics in Germany

This study describes the regional diffusion of household photovoltaic systems in Germany. By the end of 2023, one in eight residential buildings was equipped with such a rooftop solar system. Germany needs to continue accelerating the increase in installed capacity to meet the climate targets. This is important because, among other things, household photovoltaics (PV) generate electricity on site and households can consume it right away, easing the load on the power grid. However, not all regions are equally suitable for PV.

Global radiation determines how much electricity a PV system can generate. Considering the regional global radiation, the following regions currently hold great potential for household PV: Bremen, Hamburg, the Saarland, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the region around Dresden, Schleswig-Holstein, the regions around Lüneburg and Trier, parts of Upper Bavaria, Thuringia and southern Hessen.

Information offerings and advertising campaigns by suppliers of PV can be particularly promising to speed up diffusion in these regions.

The potential for household photovoltaics in Germany

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