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News from 2020-10-30 / KfW Research, Sustainability, KfW Development Bank

Sustainable construction – Foundation for climate-friendly urbanisation

Development in Brief

Every single day, 200,000 people around the world move to cities – that’s as many as the entire population of the German city of Kassel. They need jobs, places to live, and transport networks. For this reason, an incredible amount of infrastructure needs to be built in urban areas around the world. At the same time, cities are already the main drivers of climate change, emitting over 70% of all global greenhouse gases. This makes it even more important that construction activities are done in environmentally friendly ways, using different methods and materials.

On the occasion of World Cities Day on 31 October, “Development in Brief” discusses why sustainable construction is an important aspect of climate protection and what materials are particularly suitable.

Sustainable construction – Foundation for climate-friendly urbanisation(PDF, 88 KB, non-accessible)