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Our task

The vision, the objective

The primary objective of procurement is to guarantee that KfW is optimally supplied with goods and services - and on the best possible terms. To ensure this, we are guided by a number of principles:

Responsible to the customer - as a strategic partner

We deliver our customers throughout KfW Bankengruppe a consistently high level of service. As a strategic partner, we support the in-house clients by providing a transparent and comprehensible purchasing process. To that end we develop modern purchasing concepts and innovative procurement strategies and offer professional advice.

Committed to the supplier - as a central point of contact

We are the first point of contact for potential suppliers and select our partners and service providers very carefully. In our selection we consider the requirements of KfW Bankengruppe, applicable legislation and of course the performance capability of the suppliers.

Dedicated to efficiency - as a process optimiser

The Procurement Department continuously gathers data on key figures in order to measure its own activities against other financial institutions (benchmarking) and to generate indicators for targeted measures aimed at enhancing its own processes. The purchasing strategy is exposed to ever-changing economic challenges and is designed to respond to economic influences, changes in laws and forward-looking considerations of KfW Bankengruppe. The procurement processes are thus subject to constant change.

Receptive to progress - as a driver of innovation

Active participation in relevant working groups and associations gives an insight into new procurement strategies and provides the opportunity to help shape new processes and tools. Whether traditional calls for tender, internet auctions or contract procedures, procurement employs contemporary, progressive purchasing methods to ensure efficient supply and targeted delivery.

Committed to sustainability - as a promoter of standards

When awarding contracts, we concentrate on products and services offering high sustainability standards, cost efficiency and security of supply. We consider environmental compatibility when choosing suppliers. We care how a product is manufactured and delivered. We also attach great importance to social principles when awarding contracts, following the ecological and social objectives of the bank, which is committed to the sparing use of resources and responsibility in its social dealings.

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