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KfW Group guidelines on the financing of coal-fired power plants

We apply the requirements of the Federal Government, which we are obliged to uphold as a promotional bank owned by the state. In 2015, KfW has reviewed in the Group guidelines its financing criteria for coal-fired power facilities and lifted the corresponding requirements even further. The revised technical and climate policy criteria of the OECD Sector Understanding on Export Credits for Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Projects from early 2016 are also taken into account as a supplementary measure. The operational implementation of climate policy criteria in KfW is carried out transparently based on ambitious and clearly defined criteria .

KfW is a global leader in financing for environmental and climate protection. Between 2010 and 2017, KfW Group's total new commitments in the field of environmental and climate protection amounted to EUR 230 billion. This is 38 % of the total volume of new commitments entered into by KfW during that period.

A total of EUR 1.56 billion was spent on financing the modernisation and construction of coal-fired power plants between 2010 and 2017. The modernisation measures include energy efficiency measures to reduce coal consumption or utilise waste heat for heating, as well as environmental protection measures aimed at controlling air pollution.

The volume of financing for coal-fired power plants accounts for a minimal share of the total new commitments entered into between 2010 and 2017 (0.26 %), and has also been falling from year to year. The financing of coal-based projects by KfW Group is expected to continue to fall in the years ahead as a result of the stricter financing criteria.

The KfW Group guidelines on the financing of coal-fired power plants can be downloaded here:

KfW Group guidelines on the financing of coal-fired power plants (as of 17 March 2015)

Operational criteria

Further information

OECD Sector understanding on export credits for coal-fired electricity generation projects (as of 1 February 2016), Annex VI, page 119

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