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Sustainability guideline for in-house environmental protection

In its sustainability principles, the KfW Group has laid down some general tenets of responsible corporate governance as well as specific sustainability principles for corporate environmental protection. The sustainability guideline on in-house environmental protection, which is valid throughout the group, describes the requirements of the sustainability principles in greater detail for all of the relevant divisions of the KfW Group, and assigns responsibilities.

KfW's declared goal in connection with its corporate environmental protection activities is to ensure that its technical operations reliably comply with all statutory requirements. However, our aim is to go beyond the applicable thresholds for emissions and exceed current standards in order to reduce the consumption of energy, water and materials and production of waste as much as possible.

One particular goal of our corporate environmental protection activities is the protection of the climate. Our efforts are focused on consistently reducing energy consumption, using renewable energy sources, certified "green" electricity, state-of-the-art building facilities and the use of video conferences to eliminate the need for business trips. KfW's offices are some of the most energy-efficient administration buildings in the world.

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Do you have any questions or comments on sustainability at KfW Group? Please contact the Economics Department (Environment and Sustainability) of KfW