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Using all potentials

KfW is not only committed to gender equality on paper. The aim is to create a culture where equal opportunities are a reality, and the different skills and personalities of men and women are made active use of to the benefit of the bank.

Gender-sensitive management and teamwork

In response to the Federal General Equality Act, KfW appointed its first equal opportunities officer in 2002 and adopted the first Equal Opportunities Plan one year later. The third Equal Opportunities Plan has since been approved by the Executive Board in 2011 and will take effect by 2015. The targets set out in the plan include establishing a gender balance culture within the Group to promote effective equal opportunities and gender equality. This means scrutinising established behaviour patterns and implementing any cultural changes that are needed. Defining a gender balance strategy will entail gathering information about the current corporate and working culture through workshops and employee surveys. KfW IPEX-Bank and DEG are also involved in defining the KfW gender balance strategy and supporting the accompanying cultural change.

Women in leading positions

Other key objectives in the new Equal Opportunities Plan include significantly increasing the number of women in management and senior advisory roles, continued support for women by expanding the range of coaching and mentoring programmes, and developing existing work-life balance schemes.

In 2011, 27% of managers at KfW were women (see table). Almost half of all KfW employees were female, indicating that women are currently still under-represented in management positions. One of the six Executive Board members is a woman, and women make up 14% of the Board of Supervisory Directors. Under the current KfW Equal Opportunities Plan, women should occupy one in three management and senior positions by mid-2015. The plan also stipulates that at least one woman must be involved in all recruitment processes and decisions, either as a decision-maker or as an observer.

Gender equality at KfW IPEX-Bank and at DEG

As private companies, KfW IPEX-Bank and DEG are not bound by the Federal General Equality Act. KfW IPEX-Bank has voluntarily committed itself to work towards gender equality and began organising regular discussions and presentations for women in 2012. DEG has an equality strategy which encompasses integrating gender issues into management development programmes and increasing the number of women in management positions.


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