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KfW health management

As part of its responsibility towards its employees and in order to maintain their performance, the KfW Group operates a preventive health management system. It is designed around the employee requirements with regard to work and work stations, the avoidance of hazards in the workplace and the prevention of accidents.

In light of longer working lives and increasing workloads, the activities need to be further reinforced. At the end of 2010, KfW and KfW IPEX-Bank conducted an employee survey on health and safety at work: 45 % of staff responded. The survey found thatalthough workloads are heavy, staff are generally satisfied with the health management structure. The results of the survey will be taken into account by the Health Working Group when developing future measures.

Health care

Employees of KfW, the KfW IPEX-Bank and DEG have access to doctors and a social counselling service at all the German locations. Annual flu vaccinations are offered to all employees. Employees who are travelling or working overseas receive preventive vaccinations and a personal medical travel kit. Employees can attend health training courses on subjects ranging from back awareness to stress management techniques and nutritional advice. KfW also offers seminars on preparing for retirement. Employees can avail themselves of a variety of corporate sports activities in the different locations. In July 2011, KfW and KfW IPEX-Bank took on a dietician, who has begun by considering how to improve the canteen food, such as by using more organic produce.

Safety management

A safety management system is in place at KfW, the KfW IPEX-Bank and DEG, with commissioners, regular committee meetings and safety management officers. They continually perform workplace inspections and compile measures in order to reduce the strain in the workplace. In 2011, a bankwide working group was set up to look at security abroad. The group aims to develop standard processes to minimise risk for staff abroad. It has developed a work instruction applicable since October 2011 entitled "Guidelines for Personal Security when Working Abroad", and a web-based training program.


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