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Services for our staff

KfW provides a range of services enabling its staff to strike a healthy work-life balance. (Photo: KfW photo archive)

Family support service

Many couples and single parents know only too well how difficult it is to achieve a work-life balance. Working life requires us to be flexible, just as does family life. These demands create problems for many parents. What should they do when they need someone to look after the children, when the day-care centre is closed, when they need to go away for several days on business, or when the usual carers are not available? It is also becoming more important to provide support when children are sick or require special care.
To support our staff in these situations we offer them a family service package provided by the Beratungs- und Vermittlungsdienst pme Familienservice GmbH company, which is available anywhere in Germany.

Day-care centre and nursery

Staff with children aged six months upwards are able to leave them in a nursery for the whole day. From age three up to the end of primary school children can attend a day-care centre, which is located right on KfW's doorstep. This ensures that parents do not have far to walk, and can organise their working time more flexibly. Our prime concern at the day-care centre is to ensure that each and every child receives the educational support to which they are entitled, and create a nurturing environment for their development.

Leave arrangements

The legal provisions for leave to care for children, take care of close relatives or undergo continuing professional development are often not sufficient to enable staff to master the challenges in their private lives while remaining at work. This is why we offer our staff further options for leave in addition to their legal entitlement, combined with a guaranteed return to a job.

Flexible working hours

To meet the needs of our staff and take their different life circumstances into account, we offer numerous flexible working arrangements. This enables our staff members to balance their work with their specific personal situation.

Mentoring for women

The Frankfurt mentoring programme is designed to support the ongoing career development of female professionals through exchange with a mentor from outside their company. Eight companies in the city are participating in it.

The programme involves a long-term process of personal and professional exchange between mentor and mentee in the context of a one-on-one relationship. This is designed to support ongoing personal, professional and career development, while also enabling achievement of a healthy work-life balance.