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Civic involvement, honorary posts, voluntary work – there are many ways to describe private social involvement – offers a wide array of activities and plays an important role in many people's private lives, including those of the men and women on our staff at KfW. This is becoming all the more significant, as without volunteer work and unpaid involvement, many clubs, associations, foundations and initiatives would not be able to benefit from experience, knowledge and skills, let alone realise many of their numerous projects and effect positive change.

For this reason, the bank expressly encourages its staff to support non-profit organisations and initiatives in their free time. A CSR platform was set up on KfW's Intranet in 2010, which employees can use to present their various social projects. At the same time, "institutionalised" fundraising events are also held, some dating back decades. The annual Christmas donation and the "spare cent donation" by KfW employees for example each go to alternating charitable organisations. The donation to the German MS organisation Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft has also become something of a tradition.

The KfW Group promotes the support and advancement of forward-looking ideas throughout the world. According to its own understanding, there are always two winners in every endeavour undertaken by KfW – the individual and the community. The outstanding men and women on our staff for example improve their own situation and that of the bank with creativity, achievement and commitment and give a great deal back to the community through their work and involvement. This is due to the fact that the development and promotion in the sectors of investment finance, promotion of developing countries and export and project finance benefits German society and many other global communities. For every employee, this means fun and creative work in a meaningful context.


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