KfW's canteen in Frankfurt

KfW's canteen in Frankfurt

KfW's canteen in Bonn

KfW's canteen in Bonn

KfW's canteen in Berlin

KfW's canteen in Berlin

    Healthy, balanced and tasty – catering in the KfW Group

    Issues relating to ecological, economic and social sustainability play an important role for KfW's staff catering operations. Food and its preparation are our passion. We are guided in all that we do by our high standards of quality, which are always based on the preferences and needs of our guests.

    We take responsibility

    Our aim is to provide our guests with delicious and balanced meals every day. The food we offer also represents a huge responsibility. We address this by acting in a way that is fair, environmentally friendly and economical. In Frankfurt we handle the catering ourselves, while in Berlin and Bonn the service is provided by a large catering company in accordance with KfW's specifications.

    A number of teams work behind the scenes to prepare a varied selection of alternatives for KfW's employees. The number of fresh meals carefully prepared each day at all of our locations can currently reach around 3,500 during peak periods.

    We cook using our own recipes and as many fresh ingredients as possible. This involves processing the roughly three tonnes of fresh food delivered every day. The meals are prepared in the kitchen, right next to the staff restaurant. Because the service counters are in direct contact with the kitchen at all times during meal times, more food can be always be requested and produced without needing to be kept heated for extended periods. This ensures that all of the meals find their way onto the plates via the shortest route possible. That's something you can see, as well as taste.

    For us, it is a matter of priority that our employees feel at ease in our catering facilities and can return to their desks feeling refreshed after their lunch break.

    Our culinary offering – fresh on your plate every day

    • Various soups
    • Salad bar with various kinds of salad
    • Range of vegetarian options (healthy, balanced, fresh range of food with no meat or fish products)
    • Main dishes that can be combined as desired with various sides
    • Various desserts
    • Filled rolls, fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices, milk and other dairy products
    • Range of specialty coffees and teas
    • Kitchenettes on almost all floors

    Focus on sustainability

    The issue of sustainability is a common theme that runs through all of KfW's activities. We also act in a sustainable way:

    • Using certified organic food, meals and ingredients
    • Choosing suppliers with a sustainability concept
    • Implementing continuous supplier audits (pilot project in Frankfurt)
    • Giving more consideration to local suppliers and products such as domestic beef, pork, lamb, etc. This ensures safety and transparency in the production and manufacture of food (traceability)
    • Buying in season
    • Clearly communicating the safety, health benefits and freshness of the meals on offer by means of improved transparency and communication with KfW's employees, for example labelling the origin of meat, MSC fish, etc.


    KfW Group

    Sustainability Strategy

    Do you have any questions or comments on sustainability at KfW Group? Please contact the Sustainability Strategy of KfW