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Procurement Office

How we buy in Europe

As a public contracting body, KfW Bankengruppe puts contracts above the statutory threshold value out to tender across Europe in accordance with current contract award legislation. This ensures that the bidders across Europe are in fair competition with each other and that the purchasing terms are cost-efficient and market-driven. The complex calls for tender require particular expertise and extensive know-how if procedural errors are to be avoided and the process is to be as efficient as possible.

Transparency and fair competition

The majority of the contracts of KfW Bankengruppe are subject to EU directives on the awarding of contracts, which stipulate the objective selection of suitable suppliers and service providers. Bidders are selected and contracts awarded on the basis of detailed, previously defined criteria. To that end KfW maintains its own contract unit within the Central Procurement Department. The specialists have particular expertise in the complex tendering process, evaluations and the choice of process for the procurement of goods and services above the defined threshold value. Working closely with the material group specialists of the operational purchasing team, they advise the user department, develop contract scenarios, take responsibility for the call for tender activities and manage the contract award files.

The low number of queries and complaints from bidders testify to the high degree of care and professionalism demonstrated by the contract specialists.

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