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This Sustainability Report provides insight into KfW’s performance in sustainable development, which we achieve by engaging in dialogue, sharing our data and initiating discussions. Learn more about the commitment, performance and challenges of KfW Group.


Sustainable management

Viele Hochhäuser, Bäume im Vordergrund

KfW Group keeps an eye on global developments and aligns its sustainability management practices accordingly. The dialogue and discourse with our stakeholders are central to this process.

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City in transition

Bild von oben auf eine Fahrbahn
Bild in dem viele Menschen über eine Straße mit Zebrastreifen laufen
Eine Gruppe von Kindern um einen Tisch versammelt, im Hintergrund ein Bücherregal

Mobility of the future

Strategies for a climate-friendly city

Climate-friendly mobility concepts are vital to the sustainable future of large cities. KfW keeps a close eye on developments, looks at possible solutions and supports innovative ideas, projects and start-ups.

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Urban development

Can cities with over a million inhabitants grow sustainably?

The growth of cities around the world is continuing unabated. Forecasts estimate that there will be more than 500 cities with over one million inhabitants by 2030. The gigantic urban centres are arising particularly in emerging and developing countries and have to contend with a variety of challenges. Is sustainable development even still possible?

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Urbanisation in South Africa

Johannesburg in transition

Johannesburg’s population is growing rapidly with no end in sight. What challenges does the growing rate of urbanisation pose for infrastructure and mobility? KfW staff on the ground are working to analyse the main problems and come up with possible solutions.

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Citizen participation

Shaping urban development together

It is the people in a city that bring it to life. The involvement of citizens in change processes is therefore crucial to creating a liveable environment and to making a city viable for the future.

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