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Overview social organizations and associations

Making it easier for you to finance your investments

It's great that you and your institution are actively involved in helping people and promoting together­ness in your city. We support your commit­ment with favorable promotional loans and grants.

Nurse assists elderly patient with use of rollator


Build and modernize your local social infra­structure, financed long-­term with favorable subsidies.

While in a garden, 4 seniors view something on a tablet

Residential buildings

Whether you want to buy or construct new buildings, renovate existing ones, or protect against burglary: We offer promotional loans and grants to support your goals.

Group of 5 mature bandmembers play various instruments while indoors

Non-residential buildings

Invest in non-­residential buildings and make your facility fit for the future. We will support your project.

boys in tricots playing soccer towards a goal, solar panels in the background

Energy and environment

Invest in environmentally friendly electricity and heat, in energy-­efficient buildings and utilities. Find your suitable subsidies.

Exterior view of the modern looking hospital of Winnenden, Germany


Use subsidies to expand your digital infrastructure and make your hospital even more productive.