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Overview social organizations and associations

Making it easier for you to finance your investments

It's great that you and your institution are actively involved in helping people and promoting togetherness in your city. We support your commit­ment with favorable promotional loans and grants.

Here you will find a brief overview of the topics we cover for social organizations and associations. Detailed information, additional topic content, a complete overview of the promotional products, an inter­active graphic on infra­structure, a product finder and examples of success­fully implemented projects are available on the German website.

Bird's eye view of the housing estate

Build and modernize local social infra­structure, financed for the long term with favorable subsidies.

Partially scaffolded facade of a residential building
Residential buildings

Whether you are buying or redevelop buildings, renovating or protecting against burglary: You can take advantage of promotional loans and grants.

Energetically renovated school building with students in the foreground
Non-residential buildings

Invest in non-residential buildings and make your facility fit for the future. We will support your project.

Water storage and large heat buffer inside the energy bunker
Energy and environment

Invest in environmentally friendly electricity and heat, in energy-efficient buildings and utilities. Find your suitable subsidies.

Insight into the working situation in a facility for disabled people
KfW Corona Aid

Finance your expenses in the Corona crisis with the KfW special program for non-profit organizations. You can use this subsidy for investments and operating funds.